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How to dress in cocktails?

How to dress in cocktails?

Cocktail environments are usually colorful and dynamic. However, it is also possible to participate in cocktails with an unexaggerated stylish outfit. With a single-color classic dress or suit, you can make your mark on the night. Making a good combination depends on the harmony of the colors.

How should the combinations be in cocktails?

What is meant by the harmony of colors is not to use the same color in the whole combination. For example, if your favorite color is blue, you don’t have to use it on every dress. It would be correct to blend blue with colors such as white, brown, and black. Or you can use different shades of blue in the same combination. For example, Saxe pants and a lighter shade of blue shirt would fit perfectly.

The first rule about wearing shirts is simplicity. An overly patterned shirt does not mean elegance. But a solid color you choose will also make the character of your skin look solid. In summary, the presentation is more important than design. Another important point is cleaning.

Men should dress appropriately for their body types when combining. It is possible to hide the weight and show the body perfectly with the correct clothes selected. For example, those who complain about weight should stay away from tight pants. At the same time, no clothing containing a transverse line should be preferred. Instead, longitudinally striped clothing will make you look slim. As long as you are dressed properly, you can be stylish even with simple clothes. However, to ensure this elegance, you do not need to stay away from the patterns. The important point here is not to overdo it.

You can choose a patterned suit if you want to avoid wearing a single color other than the usual clothing. The subtle and gentle patterns embedded in the main color of the fabric will add a different atmosphere to you. You can make a mark on the night with monochromatic trousers and a striped jacket, along with patterned suits that have been highly preferred recently. The most important suit accessory that saves most men from the weight of the jacket is a vest. For men who feel stuck with the jacket and are uncomfortable with a shirt, wearing a vest will be the right choice.

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