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Button Selection

The shirts, used in the suits or tuxedos for special invitations, are different from the daily ones in terms of both fabrics and cutting. Therefore, a little more flashy and eye-catching buttons can be selected for these types of shirts. Crystal glass, Swarovski stones, shell buttons and pearl buttons will be the most appropriate choice […]

Button Types

We select the buttons carefully as well as each material used in the shirts and suits. The buttons made of the best quality raw materials are used in every piece which is carefully planted. We offer a variety of button types made of natural materials such as pearl, corozo, leather and metallic buttons with emblem, […]

Decide Every Detail

The shirts, which are completely hand-sewn according to your desire and taste and based on your body, bring your quality to your clothing with high-quality fabrics and materials. You can choose the most appropriate button from our swatch card, consisting of the colors of fashion of the moment, for your shirt to be shaped with […]

The Ties

Ties are the main accessories in wardrobes as an integral part of classical men’s clothing everyday. While choosing this accessory, giving liveliness to your suit with its pattern and color; as well as the environment to use in, the color and style of your shirt and jacket are important. No matter how high-quality a tie, […]

Bow Tie

Bow tie, especially used in an invitation in the evening, are the accessories completing your suit or tuxedo. There is a bow tie type which is rear-adjustable and further preferred due to its practical use, as well as the bow tie types which you can tie up in accordance with your own style and untie […]

Complete a Stylish Jacket with a Stylish Pocket Square

Pocket square, having a particular space for the classical men’s clothing, are the accessories personalizing your suit and completing your stylishness. This tiny detail not only creates a quite different tone for your suit, but also adds richness. There are several methods to fold, to place and to shape the pocket squares properly that you […]

Antiperspirant Jackets with Cupro Lining

The fabric and sewing are indicative of a shirt. It is also important for a shirt to be antiperspirant in summer for comfortable use. This is closely related to the liner of the jacket as well as the fabric. Synthetic liners sweat. Therefore, we use cupro liners, made of 100% natural cotton fiber, in our […]

Washing Shirts

You should pay attention to some points while washing your shirt to be longer lasting. Before washing shirts in the washing machine, you must certainly remove the collar stays in order to prevent the spoil of collar interlining. Button up your shirt in order to prevent deformation while washing, but certainly leave the cuffs and […]

Button Selection

The fabric of the shirt is as important as the color of the shirt for button selection. Corozo buttons are the most preferred buttons for natural fabrics such as linen. Corozo is the core of a kind of palm tree growing in the rainforests; therefore, the buttons made of natural raw material will perfectly complete […]