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Unforgettable suit combinations

Unforgettable suit combinations

From the first design until now, the most preferred type of clothing for men is the suit. Every man should have at least one suit in his clothing collection because the suit can be used in many environments. It is suitable for use in multiple areas from the workplace to daily life, from weddings to dinner parties. It provides a classy look. Those who want to attract attention can achieve this with a custom-made suit. The best address for this is Milimetric. Get ready to meet with a suit that fits your body in line with your preferences.

You bought your suit, so let’s examine how you can combine it to be the unforgettable person of the place.

Suit and shirt combination

The most important duo of the classic look is the suit and the shirt. You can choose the suit that is suitable for the environment you will be in from among the suits sewn from various fabric types and complete your combination with a shirt. For example, a plain black suit and a white classic shirt will make you ready for the invitation. You can reach simple elegance with sports suits suitable for daily life. If you wear a striped or plaid patterned suit and a plain soft shirt together, you are ready for the meeting.

Suit and sweatshirt duo

This duo, which we have seen everywhere from fashion magazines to the streets, appeals to men of all ages. With this combination that provides a dynamic look, you can go to the office or attend dinner in an elegant place.

Indispensable men’s combination of hot weather: Suit and t-shirt

This duo, which forms the basis of a basic look, is generally preferred by its employees in offices that work in flexible clothing. Suits and t-shirts, which are both classic and comfortable, have become the favorite of young men. If you want to accompany this style, which is also preferred in daily life, with your tailor-made suit, Milimetric is ready to serve you.

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