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1. Skill

The sophisticated craftsmanship of Milimetric’s tailors combined with the use of fine materials guarantee the impeccable quality of the shirts and suits.

2. Experience

Milimetric only specializes in hand made suit and shirt production since 2002. Suit production is made by 32 experienced tailors of which 4 of them are master tailors responsible for fittings and cuttings. Shirt production is made by 20 shirt tailors. Nothing ready is available in our shops. Production is made according to customer measurements and style.

3. Quality

Material sophistication is just as important as the experience and mastership of the tailors. Fabrics manufactured by Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Holland Sherry, Ariston, Thomas Mason and Söktaş are chosen carefully, and garments are designed according to the client’s request and measurements.

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