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Bespoke Jackets

In the making of a true bespoke jacket in İstanbul, the weaknesses and strengths of your body and posture is taking into account. By doing that, the alluring parts of your body can stand out whereas your flaws are hidden to a great extent. You seem to have broader shoulders, tighter hips and a narrower waist. With a special cut of your jacket (and trouser) by our master tailor, you are meant to look slimmer and taller. Not to mention the reputable fabric manufacturers like Loro Piana, Zegna, Dormeuil, Aristo and Holland&Sherry of which your jacket will be made of. Among a wide variety of fabrics, you are free to choose worsted wools, cashmere, flannels, vicunas, linens, cotton, and silks. For a tailor-made jacket, linings, interlinings and buttons are just as important as the fabric. 

A sharp look is guaranteed when you wear a truly bespoke Milimetric jacket.

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