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Bespoke Shirts

1. Fabrics

Among a wide selection of fabrics  (over 2,200) to choose from the client’s requirements, budget, along with the personal preferences and tastes are taken into account during our bespoke shirts service. As far as the fabric quality is concerned, all our fabrics are top quality range; mainly sea island cotton and Egyptian cotton including the Giza 45 which is considered to be the “Queen” of all Egyptian pieces of cotton. Renowned for the fineness and resistance of its extra-long fibers, it is possible to reach incredibly fine yarn counts.

Our fabrics are 100/2, 120/2, 140/2, 160/2, 200/2, 240/2 and 300/2 yarn in many textures as diverse as poplin, twill, oxford and zephyr.

2. Collars and cuffs

The next step after the selection of the fabrics, collars that are best suited to the face and personal preferences of the clients are suggested. Relevant questions are asked at this stage: whether it will be worn with a tie, the width of the tie and accordingly the tie knot, the width of the jacket lapel to be worn with the shirt etc. Body structures including the neck and the face are also taken into account in determining the type of the collar.

Cuff selection is also crucial in the making of a tailor made shirt. The texture of the fabric, personal preferences, whether it will be a formal shirt; all these factors determine the type of the cuff. Last but not the least allowance for the size of the wrist watch specifically worn is also considered by our tailors  in determining the size of the cuff.

3. Fitting and manufacturing

No matter how many fabrics are chosen for your bespoke shirts, our tailors produce only one shirt first. Following our master tailor’s fitting of the shirt, after the approval by the customer and our master tailor, the rest of the shirts are manufactured.

We keep the client’s pattern at our atelier, on the condition the measurements of the client does not change, we use that particular pattern of the client for the following orders.

Our system is a truly bespoke system. We shape the fabric to the client’s body.

Bespoke shirts are also known as tailor made shirts or tailored shirts. Please contact us for further information


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