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Formal Wear Tips

Formal Wear Tips

One of the most difficult options in the style of clothing is formal wear. If you have a slim body, slim-fit models will be ideal for you. If you are girthy, a more comfortable suit will both make you comfortable and make it look ideal. If your height is short, you should choose plain, one-color suits.

Formal wear tips for your special occasions

Tall men can give priority to plain, solid-colored models instead of striped suits. The jacket of the suit should sit on the waist and fit your shoulders. You should avoid such models, as long jackets will show you shortly than you are. You can choose these types of models, as narrow- cut trousers show leg length longer. However, attention should be paid to the length of the trousers. The legs should not be stacked on the shoes.

Be careful of your jacket on your shoulders to make sure that it fits your body. If you are wearing the jacket when it is sitting on your shoulders and the epaulet parts are full, you have chosen the right pattern. If the seam at the junction of the shoulder and arm is above or below your shoulder, you should choose a more suitable jacket model.

A shirt cuff that hangs from the sleeves of your jacket and is too long will not look nice. For an appearance, the shirt cuff should protrude from the jacket sleeve by 1-1.5 cm. The shirts worn in suits have different types of collars. Your face shape and neck thickness are important in your shirt selection. If you have a long neck, it may be correct to choose wide collars. If you have a large face, it will be correct to use collars close to each other. The type of tie you will use is also effective in your shirt selection. If you are going to use a thick tie, you should prefer an open collar shirt, if you are going to use a thin tie, you should prefer close collar shirts. If you have a very weak body structure, stay away from suits that fit you. Choose casual suits that will reveal the shape of your body instead of tight suits. The most important point when choosing a tie is that the tie is darker than your suit and shirt. With certain exceptions, horizontal striped suits are hardly recommended.

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