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Which Suit Models are Tailored by a Tailor?

Which Suit Models are Tailored by a Tailor?

In your wardrobe, there should undoubtedly be different suits for different occasions. You can choose separate suit models for formal meetings, casual gatherings with friends, and special occasions. However, the most crucial factor to consider when selecting a suit is not only body structure but also having a model tailored to your style. Milimetric provides personalized tailoring services, and by visiting our store, you can easily find a model that suits your style.

Formal Suits:

Usually worn for job interviews and classic meetings, formal suits can also be preferred for ceremonies. For such occasions, classic models with a focus on darker colors are tailor-made according to individual preferences, rather than options like tuxedos.

Casual Suit Models:

With their comfortable cuts, fabrics, and colors, casual suit models are more suitable for everyday use. With the Milimetric touch, you can enhance your daily suits with options like bespoke shirts.

Of course, when these options come together, a professional address should stand out for bespoke suits. Milimetric can observe you and your style more closely to bring out high-quality products. We, at Milimetric, are here to help you easily access quality. By visiting our stores, you can explore options such as bespoke shirts and bespoke suits.

Sporty Suit Models:

Also known as the smart casual style, these suits come in a wide range of options, from check patterns to gabardine fabrics, flannel, and velvet. In Milimetric stores, you can seek support from Milimetric tailors and stylists for more casual elegance.Remember, finding the right suit for each occasion is essential, and Milimetric is dedicated to assisting you in achieving quality and style. Visit our stores to browse through options like bespoke shirts and bespoke suits that match your preferences.

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