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What to wear at the award ceremony?

What to wear at the award ceremony?

Award ceremonies are important organizations held within the scope of a graduation, gala, or business programs. The indispensable outfit of the award ceremonies is tuxedos. There are generally three types of tuxedo models. The first of these is shawl collar, tuxedo models. In these models, the jacket collars have no ends, and the collars drop straight down. In swallow collar tuxedos, the collar ends of the jackets are upward. Models of this type are quite suitable for award ceremonies. The other tuxedo model is models with a standard suit collar. This type of suits, whose collars are sewn with bright satin fabric, give a tuxedo look. The risk of this type of tuxedo model is less. The choice of stylish men who do not want to compromise on their comfort favors these models. Also, in order to be more elegant, it is usually the only button in tuxedo models.

Make your choice feel attentive

Regardless of your body shape, the tuxedo you choose should definitely sit on you. The trouser’s legs should not stand full or should not be potted. The shirt you choose should be narrow-cut and there should be no abundance at the navel level when you take off your jacket. Classic cut tuxedos are always a better choice than the latest fashion tuxedos. Classic tuxedos do not have a belt loop on the trousers. A trouser hanger can be used to secure the trousers.

Suits are also among the choices in award ceremonies. When choosing a suit depending on your body shape, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the color and model. In general, girthy men should prefer vertical striped models. Weak men should make sure that their arms and legs are balanced. Sporty, slim fit and Italian cut suits should be preferred for men who have wide shoulders. There are only two things you need to know when choosing your shirt. One of them is the size of your neck circumference and the other is the length of your arms. The best way to find out if the shirt fits on your shoulders. The stitches should fit just over your shoulder. The shirt should surround your body. You should always pay attention to the arm length.