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Most important menswear for the office style

Most important menswear for the office style

Your clothes reflect your personality. If you pay attention, you can comment on the personality of many people by looking at their clothing. For example, if you want to get a strong look, you can choose a classic combination. If you have a sports style of clothing, it may mean that you are someone who loves comfort. The development adventure of fashion directly affects the textile industry. While the fashion sense in startup offices has been more flexible lately, the corporate space is still in favor of the classic. The combinations that people create for their business life, in which they spend a large amount of time in their lives, gained importance. Compared to the past, men are just as interested in the fashion industry as women. In addition to looking stylish, cool, and strong, being comfortable is one of the most important criteria.

The environment you are in determines how you dress. There are many factors that affect clothing choices. Examples of this are the wearer’s style, body measurements, and posture. In this case, a custom-made combination instead of standard sizes makes the user feel better and special. Millimetric is the best address for this feeling. Who wouldn’t feel more confident with a perfectly tailored shirt?

If you want to have a say, you have to pay attention to your style.

Did you know that the way you dress has an impact on your words? A lot of people say they take someone who wears a suit more seriously. In this case, a carefully selected suit combination can take you forward in communication. Milimetric is with you from tailored suits to tailored shirts, from tailored jackets to tailored tuxedos. How you wear is as important as what you wear. Namely, if you are working in a corporate place, you should not make a complex combination, you should prefer soft and light colors in the shirt.

Important office style tips for men

Every person has different body sizes. Everyone feels better with tailor-made clothes made according to their own body size. Men mostly prefer two-piece suits in office style. So much so that every man should have a suit in his clothing collection. Milimetric meets this requirement well. It is carefully sewn by master hands according to your preference.

You can start your suit adventure with dark navy blue because it is a color that can be easily combined with different shirts and accessories. Your other color choice may be black because it can be used in most environments.

Another important point is the type of fabric. Wrinkles are not liked, so non-ironed fabrics can be preferred. On the other hand, cotton fabrics can also be preferred because they are comfortable and do not wrinkle too much.

Many combinations, both basic and stylish, can be made with shirts in various colors and patterns. It can be combined with tonsure or it can be created with two contrasting colors. If you work in a corporate place, you should choose soft colors.

The jacket t-shirt style has also become a frequently talked about style recently. You can highlight a t-shirt that you choose according to your own taste with a tailored jacket and get a modern stylish look. At the same time, you get a comfortable combination. Why not meet Milimetric to achieve this style?

It will be good for you to support your combinations with various accessories. A classic stylish shoe or a sneaker will help complete your style. Cufflinks can make you look more assertive. Your choice of tie is also an important element for a beautiful combination.

It is not a dream to reach unique and compatible pieces. Become a part of the Milimetric family and let’s share beautiful moments together.

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