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How to Style a Shirt with Cufflinks?

How to Style a Shirt with Cufflinks?

Elegance in men’s clothing emerges through personal preferences, and sometimes, subtle details that manage to stand out as small but impactful differences. Undoubtedly, shirts with cufflinks are one such detail that captures attention.

These can stand out even more with the option of bespoke shirts. Additionally, with bespoke shirts complemented by bespoke suits, you can highlight all these details. By choosing the quality of Milimetric specializing in custom tailoring, you can make a difference in this regard. We share some styling suggestions for shirts with cufflinks.

For Formal Occasions:

If you’ve opted for a classic suit and find yourself in a formal setting, choosing dark-colored models is a definite recommendation. Cufflinks can become one of the most eye-catching elements when paired with dark-colored suits.

For Daily Wear:

For everyday use, you may prefer cufflinks with a more casual appearance. In daily wear, cufflinks stand out as a slightly different option, drawing attention to themselves.

If you wish, you can seek assistance from tailors specializing in custom tailoring and stores offering bespoke shirts in this regard. At Milimetric, we are here to take your style and elegance one step further. You can reach out to us to benefit from our services. The Milimetric tailor awaits you to achieve quality in personalized tailoring services. A professional guide like Milimetric would be a good option for you in this regard.

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