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How to clean a tailored suit and tuxedo?

How to clean a tailored suit and tuxedo?

Many men may prefer tailored suits and tuxedos to fit their bodies perfectly. However, the cleaning of such suits is also an important point.

How to clean a tailored suit?

Suits and tuxedo-type clothing need dry cleaning, never to be washed in a washing machine or by hand. Dry cleaning services are specially designed to see the most appropriate cleaning process to help extend the life of delicate clothes such as suits, depending on the fabric.

To extend the fabric life of your tailored suits and tuxedos, you need to ventilate them well. In particular, ventilate your suit and tuxedo in order to remove malodors such as food, cigarettes that come on. If you do not use your suits or tuxedos on a regular basis, you should store them in a protective cover that allows the fabric to breathe. At the same time, you will prevent dusting thanks to the protective cover.

All clothes should be hanged on hangers designed for them. For jackets and shirts, it is necessary to use wide hangers suitable for their shoulders. Thin and wire hangers may cause the form of a tailored suit or tuxedo to misshaped. You should hang the pants properly on the suspenders to prevent them from wrinkling and creasing. When hanging your suit or tuxedo in the closet, space out between them so that the clothes are not deformed and wrinkled. Do not put your suits and tuxedos on the suitcase while traveling. This kind of clothing should always be carried in a protective cover.

You should be very careful when ironing tailored suits and tuxedos. If your jacket and trousers are wrinkled, you can iron them at home. If you iron your clothes by putting a thin cloth on suit or tuxedo, you will prevent the fabric from shining. In order not to deform the fabric, you need to iron by a dry iron.

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