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  • Each piece of product is "special" for you

    The suits we produce are completely hand-sewn. The suits, taking shape with hours of meticulous work of our skilled tailors, according to your body size, fit you exactly.

    As we work with passion, we approve the sewed products at first. You feel yourself "special" when you wear...

    Tailoring requires “mastery”

    Production with traditional methods always yields more valuable products. There are labor and attention at every stage. "Skilled" people of this job know this very well...

    There are experiences of our skilled tailors at every stage of the suits from cutting to sewing.

  • Excellent details

    Details are important. Fine labor and good material increases the quality of the emerging work.

    Every detail of the suits that we sew by using the best quality fabrics and materials requires patience and labor. Quality of Milimetric lies behind the details...

    This shirt is just for you!

    The form of your shirt, taking shape according to your body at the rehearsals conducted meticulously, only belongs to you. We carefully process the letters you want. There will not be any work once more similar to your shirt that we design with the fabric, collar form and model you have selected.

    You just decide what you want and leave yourself to the masters of the job...

  • Excellent fabrics, perfect sewing

    Fabrics of the shirts are as specific as designs. These shirts please you greatly with the silken fabrics that will make you feel good.

    The shirts, sewed by traditional methods from sewing to buttonhole, represent the Milimetric's sense of perfection.


  • Head Office

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    Kagithane Cad. No: 69 Caglayan Kagithane / Istanbul / Turkiye

  • Kanyon

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    Büyükdere Cad. No: 116/A
    Kanyon AVM Levent
    / Istanbul / Turkiye

  • IstinyePark

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    Istinye Bayiri Cad. No: R422 Istinye / Istanbul / Turkiye

  • Ciragan Kempinski

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    Ciragan Cad. No: 32 Besiktas / Istanbul / Turkiye

  • Nisantasi

    40.977273, 29.049505
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    Harbiye Mahallesi Abdi Ipekci Cad. Birlik Apt. No: 10/A Sisli / Istanbul / Turkiye

  • Ankara Cadde

    39.900730, 32.862497
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    Kavaklidere Mahallesi Tahran Cad. No: 4/2 06680 Cankaya / Ankara / Turkiye

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